Latest Assaults on Net Neutrality


In light of today’s circuit court decision overturning the FCC’s 2010 net neutrality order, the above satirical image came to mind. I know that it dates back to at least 2007 but it is still very relevant.

AT&T also recently announced their “sponsored data” program, where content providers can pay to have their content not count against the customer’s mobile data usage. This clearly shows that our ISPs are more interested in nickel-and-diming both customers and now content providers than providing quality service at consumer friendly rates.

Wired has a good piece that was posted earlier today that I encourage you to read for further information:

If the decision stands, broadband providers are likely to implement pay-to-play plans like the one AT&T announced last week — plans that many said violated, at a minimum, the spirit of net neutrality.


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much meme, such generate, so favorite


It’s a very rainy and dreary day. So you can imagine my excitement when Boing Boing linked to a new online Doge generator! If you don’t know about Doge, then you need to visit Know Your Meme. Oh, and the real Doge was recently tracked down by The Verge. Doge was a rescue dog in Japan. It’s a good read!

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Last Day to get Scanner Pro for iOS for Free


If you haven’t seen it or downloaded yet, today is the last day to get Scanner Pro for free from the iTunes App Store. It’s normally $6.99 but is Apple’s Featured App this week. It does an amazing job of turning documents, receipts, etc. into PDFs. After scanning with your device’s camera, the app does a lot of post-processing to remove shadows, correct the scan’s perspective, and adjusts image sharpness. The app also syncs with iCloud, Dropbox, and allows you to email and print. If you’re looking to get better organized this year,here’s a great tool to use!

Scanner Pro by Readdle on the App Store on iTunes.

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